Reviews and Opinions

"I felt like I was slipping back in time, myself, and reliving part of an ancient Druid past life. It was a delicious experience. And beautifully written."

-- Pamela Evans
Author of “Dead As I'll Ever Be”

"The opening line of the book caught my sails instantly. I knew at once that I was in magical hands. The vast, epic story ... dazzling visuals and captivating music took me to a wondrous place only Dori Dalton could imagine."

-- Larry N. Souffer
Founder/Executive Director
The Screenwriting Conference in Santa Fe

"Crossquarter Publishing Group serves up one masterpiece by first-time author Dori Dalton. The Shamrock and The Feather is an amazing novel with a companion CD filled with sumptuous music. Dalton’s tale of mystery, history, lost love, and destiny fills your mind with vibrant visions. The haunting CD keeps in pace with the book’s captivating storyline from Canyon de Chelly to the fishing village of Dingle, Ireland. Dalton is destined for greatness as an American storyteller. Dori’s husband, Bert Dalton, composed and/or arranged all the titles on the CD, combining jazz classic along with Native American flute, sounds of Celtic strings, and traditional Irish instruments. A pleasure for the senses in this epic project. The Shamrock and The Feather is a must read!"

-- David Christian Hamblin
Reviewer for “New Health Digest”

"Excellently researched. I am amazed at how the story spans the globe, complete with so many details about each place the heroine visits that I felt I was there, and yet the plot holds together as a coherent story. Very entertaining."

-- Bonnie Holsinger
Summertown, TN

"Geneva Becker is a modern hero(ine), a real woman with a rich emotional family history, a job that requires a 4-wheel drive vehicle that sometimes pulls over for tasteless convenience food late at night alongside a highway, a delightful and healthy friendship with her friend Victoria, and a very realistic combination of hope and fear and cynicism about finding love. I loved the trips back-in-time to medieval festivals and ceremonies, the intricate weaving of ancient and contemporary threads of culture, thought, tradition, art, metaphysics, love, self-knowledge, selfishness, morality, mortality, the layers of a story within a story within a story. It's the kind of story that you just don't want to end."

-- Jeanette Alt Romero
Santa Fe, NM

"The Shamrock and the Feather is a great read. Through her protagonist, Dalton masterfully weaves Celtic ancestors' memories and legacies with the land and legends of the Native Americans. The resulting tapestry is a well-crafted tale reflecting the experiences, meditations, and quests of modern Americans who may or may not realize the power of the past upon the present. It is a carefully researched novel that will motivate and empower the reader to look a little deeper into his or her own life."

-- Rickey E. Pittman
Author of “Red River Fever”